Plastic Garbage Wheel Plastic Capacity

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Specification of Plastic Garbage Wheel Plastic Capacity

Plastic Garbage Wheel

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, the two things are one of the most important things to note, at least before choosing a trash can. For this one, plastic trash can is a very appropriate candidate. In addition, the bin is also durable and available in a variety of designs. Not even just interesting in color, some of these products are also available in custom designs. This makes this trash seem much more unique.

Plastic Trash Model

A plastic trash can is a fairly flexible trash can. This product is available with or without stand. However, plastic trash products that have been equipped with a holder would be much more useful. The stand not only makes it look good in terms of appearance only, but also provides more protection against the trash itself. A plastic dump stand also provides a fixed place for plastic trash. To make it more attractive, the holder is also available in various shapes. Generally, the dump stand is available in a permanent design and semi-permanent design. In a permanent design, the holder will be planted to the ground. But for others, you can still move it easily. Dumpster with a very good stand for two or three sorting bins. Compared to a single bin, two or three sorting bins are also much more useful and more popular. This model has been chosen by companies that have a lot of garbage every day.

Plastic Waste Function

The round bin is one of the most popular forms. This product has also been equipped with a cover that can be opened easily. Oval shape is also not less interesting. Similar to round bin, this one is also present with an easy-to-open cover. This product is also available in a variety of colors that make it easier for people to separate organic and non-organic waste.

Plastic bins are also available in various sizes. The size of popular plastic bins is 120 liters and 240 liters. To accommodate large amounts of garbage, the capacity of 90 liters and 120 liters is also much better. This size is great for public trash or corporate bins. For personal use, there is also a smaller capacity. You can also get 90 liters capacity.

 Plastic Trash Model Wheels:

    1. Capacity 90 Liter

    2. Capacity 120 Liter

    3. Capacity 240 Liter

    4. Color Types

    5. Logo & Writing

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