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01 Apr 2024
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Tong stainless ashtray bins are cylindrical and made of stainless steel. These bins have shaped ashtray lid. So it can be used as a trash can or ashtray. Tong stainless ashtray is suitable for offices and housing. Have these bins will provide a variety of benefits for you. Laying these bins in strategic places, will make your office more clean and free of cigarette ash. If you put it in your living room, your home will teerlihat neater and cleaner.

There are various kinds of trash that you can buy out there. However, not all of them worthy of your purchase. Only a few models of the trash that suits your needs is eligible to buy. Moreover, not all the trash that has qualities that qualified. Tong stainless ashtray has a modern design and elegant. Although the design looks simple but looks professional dumpster. So tong ashtray is very suitable for the office, smoking room, and public services. These bins are also suitable for homes that have a minimalist design and ultra modern.

In addition to the attractive design, this trash is also multi-functional. Trash that can be used as a trash bin and ashtray is very suitable for areas that are quite narrow. You do not need to lay the table for an ashtray in the corridor or waiting room. Simply put your trash in some corner.

Some people may underestimate the trash. They do not care about quality. In fact, have a good quality of bins are important enough. Quality trash is certainly more practical. With have it, you do not have to bother going back and forth to the store to buy new bins. One dumpster quality is stainless.Tempat trash cans ashtray is very durable. The material is made from stainless steel are not easily dented or rusted. So it will look good for years.

Kind :

1. 23 x 60 cm

2. 30 x 65 cm

3 40 x 80 cm

4. 3 in 1

5. 4 in 1

6. 5 in 1

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